Here are a list of terms and images for the different styles of bouquets to allow you to express your dreams and desires when speaking to your florist.

A NOSEGAY is a small, round cluster of flowers which are all uniform in length.
It is generally made of one dominant flower of color and wrapped with ribbon or lace.


A BEIDERMEIER is a nosegay using different flowers arranged in concentric circles, which creates a striped effect.

Beidermeier Bouquet

For drama, A CASCADE is a waterfall of flowers and greenery designed to spill down the front of your gown when you are holding it


A COMPOSITE is a bouquet of petals or buds wired together to create the illusion of one large flower.

Composite Bouquet

A POMANDER is a ball of flowers hanging from a ribbon. It's a perfect accent for very young attendants.


A CRESENT, composed of one full flower and a flowering stem, often orchids, is wired together to form a slender handle that can be held in one hand.

Crescent Bouquet
Perfect for little hands, POSIES are smaller than nosegays but
similar in design, and often include extras like ribbons of silk flowers


Also known as the PAGEANT BOUQUET, the presentation is a bunch of long-stemmed flowers cradled in the bride's arms.

Pageant Bouquet

A TOSSING is a copy of the bridal bouquet used solely for the bouquet toss ritual.

A HAND-TIED BOUQUET is composed of loose flowers that are tied together with a pretty ribbon.

Hand-tied Bouquet

Beautiful and elegant, a TUSSY MUSSY is a posy carried in a small, metallic, handheld vase. Today, the term is often used in reference to the holder itself.

Tussy Mussy Bouquet